CAME Webinars

Faculty Development and the Centre for Health Education Scholarship invite you to join us for a CAME webinar session, designed to bring practical, evidence-and experience-based advice to Canadian health educators.

The webinars are delivered by CAME and offer an exciting opportunity to engage online with an expert and with colleagues in a live discussion on a key topic in medical education.

The overall aims of the webinar series are to enable Canadian health educators to:

  • list some contemporary challenges and solutions in health education
  • consider how these solutions may be useful in their education/teaching activities

CAME Webinar: Compassion, Kindness and Respect: Leveraging Simulation Based Education to Drive Quality Improvement

Presenter: Dr. Rob Anderson

Date: Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Time: 12:00 – 1:00PM Presentation (includes 10 – 15 minute Q&A)


UBC Point Grey Campus, Life Sciences Centre
Room 1312 CMR – 2350 Health Sciences Mall


Diamond Health Care Centre (DHCC)
Room 5213- 2775 Laurel Street, Vancouver

Note: This session is being streamed to the host venues listed above, and therefore requires attendance on-site, or at a regional site (UNBC, Vancouver Island & Kelowna) as requested.


You may register for the event right up until the date of the event by clicking the link above. If you have any questions, please contact Faculty Development at:


Dr. Rob Anderson is an Anesthesiologist and Intensivist at Health Sciences North (HSN) in Sudbury Ontario, an Associate Professor of Anesthesia at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine and a clinician educator with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. His academic interests range from CBME/workplace based assessments to interprofessional education to training for high quality CPR, from outreach team training to novel resuscitation devices to creating a culture of scholarship in simulation. He is proud to have received educational awards including the CAME Certificate of Merit and the Royal College Program Director of the Year.


Simulation based education (SBE) will always have an important role in facilitating learning in resuscitation, team dynamics and technical aspects of the care of a critical patient. It can be an extremely powerful tool in driving reflection and learning. Increasingly, the “human competencies” of health care is being identified as an area of focus in quality improvement initiatives. Hospital administration, health care providers and patients are driving a crucial agenda toward a more compassionate, respectful environment in which to provide and receive care. It is not a simple solution. SBE may provide a potent tool to support this mission. This webinar will explore the why’s and how’s of simulation for kindness. Opening the door to explicitly valuing this powerful tool in an area of need.