Clinical Educator Fellowship Program

The Clinical Educator Fellowship Program is an opportunity for health professionals to develop experience or skills in health education scholarship. The 2-year fellowships are designed for those interested in developing an academic career as a Clinical Educator.

Clinical Educator Fellowship Program – Indigenous Stream

This fellowship stream is for any Indigenous physician and Indigenous ally physician interested in developing knowledge and skills as a Clinical Educator. Fellows within the Indigenous stream, with the support of an advisory group, will help create a vision of an Indigenous approach to educational leadership. The first cohort will be welcomed in 2024.

Master of Health Professions Education – Canada (MHPE-Canada)

The MHPE-Canada is an international Master of Health Professions Education program from Maastricht University, delivered in part by CHES. The program focuses on the acquisition of knowledge and skills relevant for a career in the field of education and education research for the health professions.

Educators Leadership Program

The Educators Leadership Program is designed to support the leadership development of Health Professions Education leaders at UBC. The program facilitates leadership development through five modules following the LEADS framework.

Mini-Sabbatical Program

The Mini-Sabbatical Program provides support to UBC faculty who spend a week at CHES to jumpstart their research and the scholarship of their educational work, through meeting mentors, collaborators, and facilitators from the UBC and CHES community.