Visiting Scholar

Visiting Scholar

Marina E. Tourlakis, PhD Faculty Member in Life Sciences (Molecular Genetics), Quest University Canada Dates of Visit: November 7 – December 9, 2022 Biography Marina Tourlakis is a Faculty Member in Life Sciences at Quest University Canada where she teaches introductory cell & molecular biology and advanced courses in plant and human molecular genetics & […]

Poster 16 – LinkedIn as a Catalyst to Leadership Development and Networking for Alumni and Students of a Leadership Course

Presenters:Meghan Lui, Patricia Gerber Authors:Aya Al-Nuaimi, Meghan Lui, Parkash Ragsdale, Lucas Wright, Robert Kim, Patricia Gerber Poster Abstract:LuiThe problem we identified: Since its launch in 2017, 65 students in the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Program have completed the Leadership Experience Applied to Pharmacy (“LEAP”) leadership elective course. LEAP alumni (now pharmacists), remain connected to the […]

Poster 15 – Dance Dance Interpretation: Exploring Relational Work in Interpreter-Mediated Primary Care

Poster 15 – Dance Dance Interpretation: Exploring Relational Work in Interpreter-Mediated Primary Care

Presenter:Bryan Hemingway Authors:Bryan Hemingway, Debra Russell, Laura Nimmon Poster Abstract:Navigating the patient-practitioner relationship is always a complicated dance, but what happens when patients and practitioners do not use the same signed or spoken language and an interpreter is used? How does this three-person dance between patient, practitioner, and interpreter affect relational work with patients? Far […]

Poster 14 – Development of a Community-Engaged Learning Pharmacy Elective Focused on Population and Public Health Concepts

Presenters:Kayla M Fang, Paulo Tchen Authors:Kayla M Fang, Paulo Tchen, Gilly C Lau, Chu Qi Yu Poster Abstract:Background: The Entry-to-Practice (E2P) PharmD curriculum at the University of British Columbia (UBC) offers both curricular and extracurricular community engaged learning (CEL) activities. An opportunity exists to utilize CEL activities in teaching about rural and remote pharmacy practice […]

Poster 13 – Caring for Persons with Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorder in the Community: Online Learning to Increase Treatment Options by Community Providers

Presenters:Cathy Puskas, Harish Neelakant Authors:Cathy Puskas, Valentina Montessori, Silvia Guillemi, Valeria Gal, Tanya Fairweather, Michael Norbury, Rolando Barrios, Jessica Anonuevo, Philip Charlebois, Randall F. White, Harish Neelakant Poster Abstract:Problem: Psychosis affects approximately one in 100 individuals and is the main cause of readmission to acute psychiatry care within 30 days of discharge in the Vancouver […]

Poster 12 – Supervision and Resident Autonomy in Surgical Education: A Scoping Review

Presenter:Nuha Alomar Authors:Nuha Alomar, Charles Shuler, Rana Tarzemany, HsingChi Von Bergmann Poster Abstract:Background: In the surgical training, educators must balance supervision and resident autonomy to accommodate their responsibilities toward their patients and residents. The objective of this scoping review was to identify, examine and synthesize the sources of evidence on surgical educators’ perspectives toward resident […]

Poster 11 – Regional Practicum Model for Pharmacy Experiential Education

Presenter:Neelam Dhaliwal Authors:Neelam Dhaliwal, Sonali Rishi, Janice K Yeung Poster Abstract:Objective: This project explored the possibility of a regional practicum model (RPM) within the Entry-toPractice (E2P) PharmD program where students would complete a series of their required practicums within a defined rural/remote community/region. In pursuing this model, we would aim to facilitate opportunities for students […]

Poster 10 – “Hands-on Archaeological and Historical Medical Collections”: An Educational Activity

Presenter:Maria Victoria Monsalve Authors:Maria Victoria Monsalve, Aaron Moulson Poster Abstract:The UBC MD undergraduate medical program includes a longitudinal scholarship course that spans Years 1, 2 and 4 of the curriculum. This curriculum provides an opportunity to introduce students to the field of paleopathology. The aim of the project is for the students to develop competency […]

Poster 9 – Understanding students’ interpretations of dental professionalism and expectations towards their preparation programs: A Cross-sectional Pilot Survey Study

Presenter:Jennifer Kwon Authors:Jennifer Kwon, HsingChi von Bergmann, Ruth Childs, Arnaldo Perez, Charles F. Shuler Poster Abstract:Objective: This study aimed to understand dental students’ perception of professionalism and its delivery in their preparation program using a newly developed instrument and gain insights for improvement of the professionalism curricula in dental education. Methods: Using a cross-sectional survey […]

Poster 7 – Implementation and Evaluation of a Simulation Stethoscope and Standardized Patients (SIMpathetic) Program for Pharmacy Students

Presenter:Fong Chan Authors:Fong Chan, Alex Pai, Tamiz J. Kanji, Katherine Seto, Jonathan Grosshuesch Poster Abstract:Application of physical assessment skills is part of the expanded scope of practice curriculum in pharmacy education. A unique mix of standardized patients and simulation stethoscopes was implemented allowing students to interact with live human patients to assess pre-programmed physical assessment […]