Clinical Educator Fellowship Program


The Centre for Health Education Scholarship is offering opportunities for health professionals to develop experience or skills in health education scholarship through the Clinical Educator Fellowship Program (CEFP). This 2-year fellowship is designed for those interested in developing an academic career as a Clinical Educator, which we define as a) a clinician in a health profession who b) actively engages in health professions educational activities, c) desires to engage in and disseminate health-professions-related educational scholarship, and d) plans to engage in (or currently engages in) educational administration/leadership. All applicants must be Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or WHO refugees.

We currently have funding available for MD applicants. However, we are interested in expanding our fellowship to other health professions and will work with these applicants and their home departments to secure funding for a fellowship position. If you are an interested non-MD health professional, please contact the Educational Program Assistant for more information.

Program Details

Fellows are expected to spend the equivalent of two years with 80% of their time dedicated towards CEF activities. An option for part-time participation is available with the approval of the Fellowship Director.

Under the guidance of the Fellowship Director, these activities include:

  1. Enrolment in and completion of an advanced degree (typically at the master’s level) in education or a related discipline.
  2. Completion of a major research project (thesis) under the guidance and supervision of faculty with whom the fellow is expected to meet regularly.
  3. Engagement in related health professions teaching in a variety of settings and formats, including participation in distributed and integrated programs.
  4. Participation in weekly academic half-day activities and other CHES events.
  5. Contribution to the scholarly environment of CHES by engaging in collaborative activities and projects with other fellows, educators, and researchers.


The fellowship program will:

  • Provide teaching experience and opportunities to participate in on-site curriculum development, student assessment, relevant education committees, and other educational activities.
  • Include support for enrolment in an appropriate academic program.
  • Be delivered by the Centre for Health Education Scholarship, with an opportunity to participate from various sites.
  • Include teaching experience in a variety of contexts, including the distributed sites.
  • Allow a 20% clinical commitment.

Education Responsibilities

The successful applicant will deliver 300 hours of teaching in one or more health professions, across a broad range of opportunities which could include but are not limited to:

  • Teaching in small group educational sessions (CBL, PBL, etc.), formal clinical skills teaching, or lecture-based teaching in addition to typical clinical teaching in the patient setting.
  • Development of assessment material and participation in discipline-related assessments (i.e. OSCE, ward and bedside assessments).
  • Supervised development and administration of a portion of curriculum relevant to the fellow’s discipline and interests.
  • Working with learners-in-difficulty.
  • Development and delivery of faculty development material.


  1. A university degree in one of the health professions.
  2. Clinicians in training or practice (part-time fellowships are available, please contact the Educational Program Assistant for more information).
  3. Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and WHO refugees. Visa trainees whether in residency programs or fellowships are not eligible.
  4. Medical residents submitting an application must be currently enrolled in a UBC training program. Residents in programs with a year of research (typically PGY3-5 Royal College Training Programs) or enhanced skills programs (PGY3 Family Medicine) may apply to enter the fellowship during their residency program.
  5. For educators from other health professions, please contact the Educational Program Assistant and we will work with your home program to explore methods of support for a fellowship position.

To Apply

Please note: Health professional applicants who are not MDs must contact the Educational Program Assistant to discuss funding opportunities prior to the application deadline.

MD applicants submit the following to

  1. CV.
  2. A cover letter that includes a description of your relevant previous experience, your areas of interest, and how the fellowship will foster your career goals.
  3. A copy of your CPSBC licence
  4. The names of two referees who are to forward letters of reference.

The deadline for applications is the 3rd Friday in December.