About CHES

The Centre for Health Education Scholarship (CHES) is a research and education centre that strives to enhance the health of people and populations by supporting the educational practices of the health professions. We do this is by working to understand how health care providers learn and how health professions educators teach. To this end, we conduct research, build capacity, and enable leadership.

Through original research, we use data collection to advance theory and develop practical approaches for more effective selection, training, and assessment of health professionals in both clinical and non-clinical settings.

We build capacity for improved health education by working with students, faculty, and the broader community to intensively support them in answering questions about why, when, where, or how educational interventions work.

Through our Fellowship, Master’s, and Mini-Sabbatical programs, we train and support the future leaders of health professions education training programs. Through these and other programs, we offer knowledge and skill development, research mentorship, and career support.

Canada as a whole has a reputation across the globe as a leader in the production of original, innovative, and critical health professions education research. Within the country and abroad, CHES is at the forefront of this work, being one of the most productive health professions education research units, both within the country and compared to top tier schools internationally. Our faculty are prominent leaders in health professions education research globally.