Visitor Program Overview

UBC campus

The CHES Visitor Program welcomes scholars from institutions around the world, providing them with a highly collaborative and supportive academic environment in which they can share ideas, make meaningful connections, engage with the CHES community, and collaborate on research projects.

The length of time spent at CHES for a visit can range from a Short-Term Visit, typically from one day to a week, to a Sabbatical Visit, typically ranging from 3-12 months. Sabbatical visits are offered on a limited basis, due to space and capacity limitations.

Visitors to CHES are those individuals looking to discuss and develop their research ideas and projects. Meetings will be arranged on the visitor’s behalf with faculty, scholars, and collaborators, and access to a workspace will be provided. Visitors are welcome to participate in scholarly events if timing permits. Please note that CHES is unable to offer any financial support for Visiting Scholars.

Due to the high volume of visitors to CHES, we are limited in our ability to accommodate requests. Timing of other visitors, timing of faculty travel, and timing of other events we are hosting are all factors in our ability to successfully host a visitor. Planning a visit as far in advance as possible will maximize the likelihood of our ability to accommodate you.

If you are a faculty member at UBC and are interested in spending time at CHES, please also refer to our Mini-Sabbatical Program.

Looking for more information? Please contact us at

COVID-19 Update: With the ongoing pandemic, CHES is pleased to offer many options for virtual visits. Please feel free to contact, for more information. Or, if you do wish to plan for an in-person visit in the future – please ensure that you are aware of and will plan to follow all federal and provincial health travel requirements and restrictions. More information on these guidelines can be found here and here.