Presenters Schedule

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Date Speaker Topic/Title Series Format
September 13, 2022 Cary Cuncic Continuity in UBC Undergraduate Medical Education: Did We Throw the Baby out with the Bathwater? The Joanna Bates Lectureship
October 11, 2022 Adam Hoverman Difference, Indifference, and the Health Advocate Role: Narrative is the Medicine What I’m Thinking About
November 8, 2022 Tasha Wyatt Time as Social Capital: The Reproduction of Classism in Medical Education Invited Speaker Rounds
December 13, 2022 Kori LaDonna Rejecting the Imposter label: Workplace Discrimination & The Perceived Competence of Women in Medicine Invited Speaker Rounds
January 10, 2023 Saleem Razack Honouring the Multitudes: Removing Racism from Medical Education What I’m Thinking About
February 14, 2023 Jonathan Ilgen & Bjorn Watsjold Reconsidering Context in Clinical Reasoning: How ecological psychology offers new ways to explore interactions between clinicians and clinical environments. What I’m Thinking About
March 14, 2023 Katie Lee Bunting Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Critical Musings on Love as Pedagogy in Health Profession Education What I’m Thinking About
April 11, 2023 Richard Mayer Evidence-Based Principles for Designing Multimedia Instruction Invited Speaker Rounds (Virtual)
May 9, 2023 Lara Varpio Professional Identity Formation as Immigration Invited Speaker Rounds
June 20, 2023 Betty Onyura Can we Spark an Evaluation Revival? The Case for Downscaling Routines and Upscaling Principles Invited Speaker Rounds