Presenters Schedule

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Date Speaker Topic/Title Series Format
September 12, 2023 Paris-Ann Ingledew The Impact of a Single Drop of Water: A Scholarly Approach to Identify Factors Impacting Medical Student Career Selection The Joanna Bates Lectureship
October 10, 2023 Aliya Kassam Acknowledging a Holistic Framework for Health Professions Education (HPE) Learner Wellbeing: Intersections of Moral Philosophy and Population Health Invited Speaker Rounds
November 14, 2023 Zubin Austin If Competency is the Answer… Have We Asked the Right Question? Invited Speaker Rounds (virtual)
December 12, 2023 Katherine Wisener Unravelling the complexities of teacher motivation from the perspectives of teachers, learners, and leadership: Implications for teacher engagement and recruitment What I’m Thinking About
January 9, 2024 Laura Yvonne Bulk & Tal Jarus & Yael Mayer Negotiating Legitimacy and Belonging: Disabled students’ and Practitioners’ experience What I’m Thinking About
February 13, 2024 Faizal Haji & Rabia Khan Do Words Matter? (De)Constructing Constructs in Health Professions Education What I’m Thinking About
March 12, 2024 Jacqueline Torti What’s Character Got to Do With it? Exploring Leadership in the Health Professions Invited Speaker Rounds
April 9, 2024 TBA TBA
May 14, 2024 Will Bynum Peering Through the Ontological Windows of Shame: What This Emotion Reveals About Being and Becoming in Medicine Invited Speaker Rounds
June 18, 2024 Graham Macdonald TBA What I’m Thinking About