Message from Our Director

Welcome to the Centre for Health Education Scholarship (CHES) at the University of British Columbia! CHES is a provincial health professions education scholarship centre. As such, we collaborate with all health professions and many non-health professions in our pursuit to support health through education and research. We work with those that teach in, learn in, and lead undergraduate as well as postgraduate health education programs.

We have a small number of faculty in CHES but a large number of collaborations and partnerships. On our website you will find an impressive list of scholars who have chosen to work with us. You will also find details about our Clinical Educator Fellowship Program (CEFP) and our collaborative Master of Health Professions Education – Canada program (MHPE-Canada), with Maastricht University. Ian Scott Trainees in these programs come from across the health professions to devote two years of their training or professional life to developing into more effective and questioning health providers, educators, researchers, and leaders. Please explore the bios of these trainees to get a better sense of the diversity of angles from which they are advancing CHES’ mission of enhancing the health of people and populations through improved educational practices. Most of our graduates have taken on leadership roles in the health professions programs at UBC ranging from Associate Deans to Program Directors.

Because of our world-wide reputation we receive many requests to visit CHES, most of which can be accommodated with appropriate lead time and flexibility. To date we have had over 250 visitors ranging from internal-to-UBC mini-sabbaticants to teachers who work above the Arctic Circle and “down under”. If you are interested in visiting us please see the information we have provided for prospective visitors to determine how to make the most of your time in Vancouver.

All of these collaborations fuel and support innovative research. As measured by an independent reviewer, CHES is one of the most productive health professions education research units in North America. The breadth and depth of our scholarly work is not only evident in our publication listings, but also, and more importantly, with the wide range and number of authors with whom we collaborate and support as we consider them all part of our CHES community.

In its first ten years, CHES has made great strides in its education, research, mentorship and collaborative programs, and we look forward to the next decade as we continue to grow and develop, and support the educational practices of the health professions.

Dr. Ian Scott
CHES Director