Joanna Bates Trainee Travel Fund

Dr. Joanna Bates, the Centre for Health Education Scholarship’s Founding Director, worked tirelessly to build a robust unit that demonstrates exceptional achievement, strong collegial engagement, and mentorship dedicated to supporting individuals seeking a career in health education scholarship. CHES supports excellence in healthcare by exploring how to optimize teaching and learning in the health professions, and in doing so, continues to build upon Joanna’s immeasurable legacy and far-reaching impacts.

In 2018, to honour the significant career and work of Dr. Bates, the Joanna Bates Trainee Travel Fund was created to support Clinical Educator Fellows and other trainees on their journeys towards becoming educational leaders.

Sadly, in January 2020, we lost Joanna to ALS. Our community misses her energy, intellect, and support dearly, but the impacts she had as a mentor, educator, researcher, physician, leader, and friend will remain with us always.

As we reflect back on the incredible impact she had on our community, we invite you to consider contributing to the Joanna Bates Trainee Travel Fund. Not only to honour Joanna’s beautiful legacy, but to also help build upon the vast influence she had on us all.

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Reflecting on the importance of building on Joanna’s legacy to mentor and support the future leaders of tomorrow, Gary Dunn, Joanna’s husband shared the following:

“Joanna cared deeply about the work she did and the people she worked with. She was as proud of the collegiality and sense of community that she fostered in CHES as she was of the academic work created by her colleagues in CHES. Joanna believed that travel enables both objectives by creating opportunities to share research and build collaborative relationships. She would be very pleased to know of your continuing support of her vision.”