Mini-Sabbatical Program

As part of our commitment to promote scholarship that supports, challenges, and improves health professions education, CHES created a program of mini-sabbaticals for UBC faculty in the health professions.

We recognized that faculty were frequently drawn away from their scholarly activities to attend to more immediate demands in their clinical, teaching, or administrative responsibilities; making it difficult to gain traction in the scholarship of their educational work.

The mini-sabbatical is intended to help faculty build both the conceptual momentum and the community of practice that are required to effectively advance a program of scholarship.

Each mini-sabbatical will be customized to suit an individual’s needs and goals, though are typically structured as week-long experiences.

Prior to the mini-sabbatical, each individual meets with one or two of our senior faculty to share their ideas and establish meaningful goals. Based on these ideas and goals, we will arrange meetings with several members of the CHES community including core CHES faculty, postdoctoral fellows, clinical educator fellows, and other faculty across the University. These meetings enable the participant to develop their ideas and create a network of scholars and potential collaborators. Meetings will be scheduled to allow the individual time and cognitive space to develop ideas and reflect on the discussion.

Throughout the experience, CHES is able to offer a highly collaborative and supportive academic environment, some opportunity to participate in organized scholarly events, access to a workspace and reasonable access to the resources of the unit, as well as mentorship as needed.

It is also hoped that the experience will result in a sense of connectedness with the CHES community that will extend well beyond the week itself; that the individual will continue to engage with the community by maintaining the collaborative and personal connections, and by continuing to participate in CHES formal and informal events.

To learn more about the program, ask questions, or to set up a mini-sabbatical of your own, please contact us at