Visiting Scholar

Dawn Cooper

Dawn Cooper, MSc, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor,
Department of Medical Education Clinical Sciences
Associate Dean for Accreditation, Assessment and Evaluation
Elson S Floyd College of Medicine, Washington State University

Dates of Visit: May 10 – 12, 2022

Purpose of Visit

During her visit, Dawn will be continuing to explore how medical students develop skills in self-assessment and what types of learning activities promote the self-assessment required for students to be successful in a competency-based educational model. She will also be connecting with members of the CHES community interested in assessor variability and competency decisions.


Dawn Cooper is a PhD-trained research scientist who specialized in cell death and disease, but transitioned to medical education leadership and scholarship during her time at the University of British Columbia. She joined Washington State University to participate in the founding of the Elson S Floyd College of Medicine (ESFCOM), where she now serves as the Associate Dean for Accreditation, Assessment and Evaluation.

The ESFCOM is moving towards a time-variable model of undergraduate medical education, and to support this transition, Dr. Cooper has been exploring issues of students’ self-regulated learning and how learners use performance data (learner analytics) to inform self-assessment. The ESFCOM also uses Entrustable Professional Activities at the undergraduate level, so she is interested in variability across assessors, sources of error in clinical assessments, and what this means for clinical competence committees that use these data to make entrustment and/or competence decisions about students. She also has interests in remediation strategies for struggling learners, in particular those struggling with professionalism issues.