Invited Scholar

Meredith Young

Meredith Young, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
Research Scientist, Centre for Medical Education
McGill University

Dates of Visit: March 19 – 21, 2018

Purpose of Visit

Presenter at CHES Research Rounds
March 21, 2018
Clinical Reasoning in the Health Professions

In addition, she will be meeting with members of the CHES community to share ideas on specific research projects.


Dr. Meredith Young, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine and a Research Scientist at the Centre for Medical Education at McGill University. She received her PhD from McMaster University in Cognitive Psychology in 2009 investigating the integration of more formal knowledge (diagnostic rules) and informal knowledge (previous experience) in novices. Her work
is situated in three main research axes; 1) investigating how reasoning unfolds in Health Professions Education by the individual (and the factors that affect reasoning), 2) exploring issues around validity in Health Professions Education, and 3) working towards methodological innovations and translations to HPE contexts.