Katrina Dutkiewicz, MD

Clinical Educator Fellow

Dr. Dutkiewicz recently completed a fellowship in General Internal Medicine at UBC, and is locuming as a general internist in Vancouver while she completes the Clinical Educator Fellowship. Her research interests focus on the optimal use of questioning in clinical education.

Katrina grew up in Vancouver, completing an Undergraduate Degree in Physiology at McGill University, before returning to BC for medical school, residency, and fellowship. Katrina has been passionate about teaching from a young age, and has enjoyed being able to build on these skills in the Clinical Educator Fellowship. She looks forward to continuing to put these skills to use as a clinician educator and Internal Medicine attending, and also in a leadership position in the Faculty of Medicine at UBC in the future. She is so grateful for the relationships and connections she has been able to build within the CHES community.

Outside of medicine, Katrina is an avid runner, cyclist, and skier, and is on hiatus from past triathlon training, but hopes to compete again in the future. Katrina lives with her husband in Vancouver.