Visiting Scholar

Dr. Debbie Jaarsma

Dr. Debbie Jaarsma

Professor of Evidence-Based Education
Academic Medical Centre
University of Amsterdam

Dates: April 22 – 24, 2014

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Purpose of Visit

To fully prepare for and be even more engaged with her position at Groningen, Dr. Jaarsma will be using her visit to connect with members of the CHES community to explore opportunities for future interactions and collaborations.

She will also be investigating how to set up a sustainable research group in the medical education domain, how to make choices for research lines, how to organize fellowships in medical education and how to build exciting international networks.


Dr. Debbie Jaarsma was trained as a veterinarian at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. After her undergraduate training, she worked as a resident in veterinary pathology and as a teacher at the University of Applied Sciences, Department of Animal Health and Care as well as the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. She continued her academic career as a PhD student, completing a PhD dissertation in 2008 entitled Developments in veterinary medical education: Intentions, perceptions, learning processes and outcomes at Utrecht University.

In 2011, she was appointed Professor of Evidence-Based Education at the University of Amsterdam’s Faculty of Medicine, thus moving from veterinary education to medical education. Here, she was primarily engaged in applied educational research within the broad domain of medical education and managing the educational organization. In April 2014 she will become Professor of Medical Education at the University of Groningen’s Faculty of Medicine. The focus of this position will be on medical education research and curriculum innovation.