Visiting Scholar

Dr. Rachel Ellaway

Dr. Rachel Ellaway

Associate Professor
Division of Human Sciences
Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Dates: June 9 – 13, 2014

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Purpose of Visit

Dr. Ellaway will be pursuing several themes during her visit to CHES.

She will continue to develop collaborative projects with members of the CHES community, seek to discuss ideas and concepts emerging from her sabbatical, and explore commonalities between the Northern Ontario School of Medicine and UBC around distributed community-engaged medical education.


Dr. Rachel Ellaway is the Assistant Dean for Curriculum and Planning, Acting Director of Simulation and an Associate Professor at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine in Sudbury, Ontario. She was previously Director of eLearning for Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at the University of Edinburgh where she completed her PhD in Medical Education. Her academic work has concentrated on online learning, simulation and the use of new technologies for teaching and assessment in and around health professional education.

More recently she has been exploring activities and systems in and around medical education. Dr. Ellaway was the instigator and continues to act as the Maîtresse des Ceremonies for the AMEE Fringe and she is the author of the eMedical Teacher column in the journal Medical Teacher. Dr. Ellaway will be completing a 12-month sabbatical at the end of June.