Visiting Scholar

Richard Conn

Richard Conn, MB, BCh, PhD, MRCPCH

Academic Clinical Lecturer
Queen’s University Belfast
Pediatric Resident
Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children

Dates of Visit: September 8 – September 25, 2020

Purpose of Visit

While visiting CHES, Dr. Conn hopes to carry forward his doctoral work by critically exploring the concept of feedback – challenging its conventional application as a linear, individualistic process – and thinking about how it can be used to address errors’ systemic, socially bound, underlying causes.


Dr. Richard Conn works as a pediatric resident and a health professions education researcher in Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland. He recently completed a PhD, supervised by Professor Tim Dornan, investigating the complex causes of prescribing errors in children and reflecting on how healthcare professionals – at both an individual and organisational level – learn from errors. This programme of research builds on underlying interests into how medical students and doctors learn in workplace settings, and how health professions education can better serve the needs of clinical practice.