Visiting Scholar

Rodrigo Cavalcanti Original Picture

Dr. Rodrigo Cavalcanti

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Dates of Visit: January 20 – 24, 2014

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Purpose of Visit

Dr. Cavalcanti’s scholarship is focused on clinical reasoning, with a particular interest in trying to understand how different sources of information are incorporated into diagnostic judgments.

His visit to CHES is related to the development of a project investigating the influence that confidence has on judgment in clinical reasoning.


Dr. Rodrigo Cavalcanti is a general internist at the Toronto Western Hospital, University Health Network, and an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Toronto, where he is director for the training program in General Internal Medicine (GIM). He holds an MD degree and a MSc degree in Clinical Epidemiology, both from the University of Toronto. Dr. Cavalcanti is an award-winning teacher in undergraduate and postgraduate medicine and was the recipient of the CAME Meridith Marks New Educator Award. He is also the founding director of the Dr. HoPingKong Centre for Excellence in Education and Practice, a unit developed to serve as an incubator for innovative practice-oriented programs in medical education, to provide support for senior trainees in academic GIM, and to recruit and retain staff in high-level GIM consulting practice.