Visiting Scholar

Marieke Adema<

Marieke Adema

PhD Candidate
University Medical Center Groningen, Netherlands

Dates of Visit: October 14 – November 4, 2016

Purpose of Visit

During her visit to CHES, Marieke would like to meet CHES members to explore and discuss various perspectives in professional identity formation (does our view differ from the Canadian view?) and discuss her current work. She also is interested in exploring areas of joint interest and collaboration.


“Through others we become ourselves.” (Vygotsky) – After teaching at primary school for some years, Marieke went backpacking for 4 months through South East Asia. Back in Groningen and inspired by the different cultures, she started her study of sociology at the University of Groningen. After graduation she worked as an educational consultant at the International Bachelor of Medical Education (Global Health) at the Medical faculty in Groningen. In January 2015 she leveraged this into a PhD project. As a sociologist and a teacher, Marieke is interested in how interactions at individual and group level influence the construction of a professional identity. The goal of her PhD project is to get a better understanding of how students construct their professional identity as a doctor during various clinical placements and if these different placements are of influence on students’ professional identity. Learning about this identity construction is important for us to support medical students on their journey to become good doctors and to support supervisors in awareness of their role in this process.