Sue Murphy, B.H.Sc (PT), M.Ed

Associate Director, Cross Professions Initiatives


Sue Murphy is a Physical Therapist and Head in the Department of Physical Therapy at UBC. Sue worked clinically in critical care for many years and more recently has been involved in teaching and educational scholarship, focusing on clinical education and professionalism. Sue has presented at national and international conferences and enjoys the challenge of educational innovation. Sue’s role at CHES is designed to provide stronger linkages between non-MD Health Professions and the Centre, as well as strengthening the support available for a broad range of health professions.

When not at UBC, Sue can usually be found either on horseback, in her garden or spending time with friends.

Research Interests

• Clinical Education with a focus on teaching techniques
• Professionalism and Professional Identity
• Low – Tech Simulation (Standardised Patients, Virtual Patients)

Publication Highlights

Murphy, S., Iman, B., MacIntyre, D. (2015). Standardised Patients versus Volunteer Patients for Physical Therapy Students Interviewing Practice: A Pilot Study. Physiotherapy Canada, Spring, Fall, 67(4): 378-384.

Murphy, S. (2014). Remember how it feels to be a student? The Clinical Teacher, 11(5):336-339

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Young, L., Frost, L.J., Bigl, J., Clauson, M., McRae, C., Scarborough, K.S., Murphy, S., Jillings, C., & Gillespie, F. (2012). Nurse educator pathway project: A competency-based intersectoral curriculum. International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship, 7(1) Article 42

Sran M.M. & Murphy, S. (2009). Postgraduate physiotherapy training: Interest and perceived barriers to participation in a clinical master’s degree program. Physiotherapy Canada, 61(4):234-43.


• Award of Distinction, Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (2016)
• Associate Fellowship, AMEE (2015)
• Distinguished Achievement Award (Excellence in Education), UBC (2013)
• Killam Teaching Prize, UBC (2012)
• Education Award of Excellence for Education, Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia (2009)
• Award of Excellence for Leadership, Canadian Physiotherapy Association Leadership Division (2008)
• Recognition Award , Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (2007)
• Leadership Award, Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia (2004)
• Honorary Membership, Canadian Physiotherapy Association (2001)