Visiting Scholar

Lene KO

Lene Klem Olesen

PhD Student, University of Aarhus,
Faculty of Health, Denmark
MA, Educational Psychology
Occupational Therapist

Dates of Visit: May 2 – June 30, 2022

Purpose of Visit

During her visit at CHES, Lene hopes to gain more knowledge on perspectives of family and caregivers as target group for research and interventions, end of life care, adult education, patient centered care, qualitative methods, as well as collaborative practice and interpersonal communication. Lene hopes to meet researchers and scholars who are interested in discussing some of these subjects as well as facilitators and barriers. Overall, Lene hopes to expand her research network and learn from others research studies.


Lene has worked as an ALS-consultant at the Danish National Rehabilitation Center for Neuromuscular Diseases (RCFM). RCFM is a highly specialized private hospital financed by the Danish government. They work in interdisciplinary teams in order to secure targeted rehabilitation for people with different neuromuscular diseases, including ALS. RCFM covers around 95 % of all families with ALS in Denmark. Since November 2019, Lene has been enrolled as a PhD student, where her research focusses on relatives of people with ALS and cognitive impairments and their healthcare providers. The PhD project concerns development and feasibility test of one new targeted palliative rehabilitation program for relatives of people with ALS and cognitive impairments and for the healthcare providers in order to support their coping with everyday challenges related to the person with ALS and cognitive impairment.