Maria Hubinette, MD, CCFP, MMED, FCFP


Dr. Maria Hubinette is a practicing family physician with special interest in youth and women’s health. Maria maintains leadership roles including Faculty of Medicine (Assistant Dean, Equity Diversity Inclusion), undergraduate education (Family Medicine Undergraduate Program Director) postgraduate education (Curriculum Lead, Family Medicine Residency Program). She participates in education research and other forms of education scholarship. She teaches and supervises learners in scholarly projects.

Outside of the office, Maria enjoys cruising the coastal waters of BC aboard her sailboat, Dengue (yes, as in the fever) and spending time with friends and family.

Research Interests

  • health advocacy
  • social accountability
  • professional identity development
  • equity, diversity and inclusion

Current Academic Activities

  • Assistant Dean, Equity Diversity Inclusion
  • Family Medicine Undergraduate Programs Director
  • Lead Faculty, Curriculum, Family Medicine Postgraduate Program
  • Theme Lead, Health Advocacy and Social Determinants of Health, MDUP
  • Canadian Medical Education Journal, Associate Editor
  • Mentorship and supervision of education scholarship projects for ~8 medical undergraduate students and ~12 family medicine residents


  • Certificate of Merit, Canadian Association for Medical Education (2019)

Recent Presentations

Wisener K, Hubinette M et al. (2018). Oral presentation: Supporting Portfolio coaches through responsive Faculty Development. The Canadian Conference on Medical Education. Halifax, NS.

Kahlke R., Scott, I., Van der Goes, T. & Hubinette, M. (2018). Poster: The “deserving patient”: Exploring student motivations for advocacy action and inaction. The Canadian Conference on Medical Education. Halifax, NS.

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Hubinette, M., Kahlke, R, Van der Goes, T. & Scott, I. (2018). Workshop: Learning in Context: Workplace Learning of Health Advocacy. The International Conference on Residency Education. Halifax, NS.

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Recent Publications

Holmes CL, Hubinette MM, Maclure M, Miller H, Ting D, Costello G, Reed M, Regehr G. Reflecting on what? The difficulty of noticing formative experiences in the moment. Perspect Med Educ. Published online 12Nov2018.

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Recent Grants

  • Breaking the Glass Ceiling: An Appreciative Inquiry and Action Plan for Gender Equity and Inclusivity in the UBC Faculty of Medicine, UBC Faculty of Medicine- Strategic Investment Fund (2019-2020). $35,700
  • Causes and Consequences of Moral Distress and Burnout in Medical Students—Developing an Agenda for Improvement, CAME Wooster Family Grant (2019-2020). $3,000
  • Residents’ health advocate role: Contextual learning, UBC Faculty of Medicine Distributed Medical Education Research Grant (2016-2018). $10,000
  • CanMEDS Research Development Grant, Royal College/ Associated Medical Services (AMS) (2016-2018). $24,700
  • Distributed Medical Education Research Grant, UBC Faculty of Medicine (2016-2017). $10,000
  • Postgraduate Medical Education Fund, UBC Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (2015-2016). $28,561
  • Westcoast Interprofessional Clinical Knowledge Evidence Disseminator (“WICKED”): Part 2 Evaluation UBC Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (2015-2016). $29,500