Visiting Scholar

Dr. Martina Kelly

Dr. Martina Kelly

Clerkship Director, Family Medicine
University of Calgary

Dates of Visit: October 1 – 2, 2015

Purpose of Visit

Dr. Martina Kelly will be meeting with colleagues about various methods, including collaborative inquiry, phenomenology or embodiment. Dr. Kelly is interested in exchanging ideas on the use of arts-based qualitative methods in medical education and experimenting with different forms of expression to promote ideas.


Dr. Martina Kelly is a family doctor and director of undergraduate family medicine, University of Calgary. Originally from Ireland, Martina moved to Calgary in 2012. She started teaching in 1999 and learnt by doing – reforming the clinical phase of a traditional program, introducing problem based learning, reflective practice and workplace based assessment.

Dr. Kelly completed her Master’s on reflective practice in clinical placement learning in 2007, which afforded her an ASME travelling grant – and her first trip to Canada, to meet with Prof Jean Clandinin, University of Alberta in 2010. She remains interested in how to support high quality learning environments but is curious about how to explore day to day experience as a form of evidence in clinical care. Currently she is working on her PhD, a series of qualitative studies, using a phenomenological lens, on the meaning of touch in clinical practice.