Visiting Scholar

Dr. Bertha Garcia

Dr. Bertha M. Garcia

Vice Dean, Education
Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry

Dates of Visit: January 27 – 28, 2015

Purpose of Visit

While at CHES Dr. Garcia will be meeting with faculty and staff to learn from UBC’s significant experience in Distributed Medical Education, particularly in regards to metrics of success and governance. She will also explore the feasibility of sharing performance indicators with our programs, with the aim to enable future collaborative analysis of the results.


Dr. Bertha Garcia served as the Chair/Chief of the City-Wide Department of Pathology from July 2000–June 2011. In July 2008, she was appointed Vice Dean, Education, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Western Ontario, and has been in this role since.

Under Dr. Garcia’s leadership, the Distributed Education Network grew significantly, including the launching of the full-four-year Campus in Windsor. Most recently Dr. Garcia has been leading the school in a strategic planning process for the Distributed Education Network with the development of 6 major strategic directions for Distributed Education, which are aligned with Schulich’s and Westerns strategic plans.

Dr. Garcia is recognized as an excellent educator and has received numerous teaching awards including the Schulich Distinguished Leader Award for Graduate & Postgraduate Education, at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry; the University of Western Ontario Edward G. Pleva Award for Teaching Excellence; and the 3M National Teaching Fellowship.