2023 Celebration of Scholarship Learning Objectives

Overall Learning Objectives for the Event:

  1. Identify state of the art best practices, challenges, and opportunities to apply to your own education practices and scholarship
  2. Describe the scope of health professions education scholarship being conducted at UBC
  3. Identify individuals within the community who might offer support for your practices or scholarship efforts
  4. Critique your own scholarship as presented through formal oral or poster presentations

Morning Plenary Learning Objectives – Gordon Page Invited Lecture: Dr. Rita Charon:

  1. Discuss the epistemological, aesthetic, and integrative/narrative dimensions of health education scholarship
  2. Critique the risks and benefits of linguistic, cognitive, and allusive habits of educational scholarship
  3. Consider the balance of knowing, seeing, and telling within your own pedagogy and assessment

Oral Presentations Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify research approaches that might support their own scholarly activities
  2. Identify individuals who might enhance their own scholarly activities
  3. Discuss the particular areas of scholarship currently being enacted at UBC

Closing Plenary Learning Objectives – Closing Plenary (Derek K Thompson – Thlaapkiituup):

  1. Learn about the context of truth and reconciliation from a unique BC First Nations perspective
  2. Listen and observe with purpose