March 2020 What I’m Thinking About…

What Happens When We Think of Rural as Something More Than a Poorly Populated Urban Centre?

Drs. Andrea Gingerich, Kathleen Dalinghaus & Margo Wilson

Date: March 3, 2020

Time: 12:00 – 1:30PM

  • formal presentations and discussion from 12:00 – 1:30pm, with a pause at 1:00pm for those who need to leave early
  • feel free to bring a bagged lunch


  • LSC CMR 1312 (host venue)
  • DHCC 2262
  • NHSC 9-374

Remote Access: Additional access options are available. Please email to request remote access.


In pediatrics the old saying “children are not tiny adults” is used as a reminder that children are uniquely different from adults, in terms of anatomy and physiology and metabolism, for example, and so it is problematic to treat them as if they are simply scaled down versions of adults. It’s an interesting metaphor for those of us studying HPE and health care in rural contexts because there tends to be a sense of rural as a scaled down version of urban. And yet our research suggests that rural is uniquely different from urban. We will share illustrative examples from the perceived communication barriers between rural practitioners and urban consultants, the social dynamics in rural-urban simulation, and the navigation of ethical issues while living and practising in rural communities. Then we will invite you to join us in imagining these problems from a perspective of rural being something different from urban: Do the problems remain problematic and can new solutions be envisioned?


  1. Identify distinguishing features of a rural context
  2. Critique the notion that rural is lesser than urban
  3. Redefine problems ascribed to rural contexts and propose corresponding solutions

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