February 2018 Research Rounds

Re-conceptualizing Remediation in Practicing Physicians

Dr. Gisèle Bourgeois-Law

Gisèle Bourgeois-Law

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Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Time: 12:00pm to 1:30pm (feel free to bring a bagged lunch)


  • DHCC 2267 (host venue)
  • IRC 305
  • RJH CA 120
  • NHSC 9-374


  • Additional locations and video conference options are available. Please email ches.admin@ubc.ca to process the request.


The remediation of practicing health professionals has all the properties of a “wicked problem”. Not only is it likely to be difficult to address, but there seems little willingness to even grapple with it meaningfully. There is a lack of a universally accepted definition of remediation in practicing physicians, a paucity of research on best practices, and ongoing controversy in some circles with regard to the institutional and organizational responsibility for enacting and overseeing it. This talk will present current conceptualizations of remediation that may be contributing to this state of affairs, as well as alternative conceptualizations to consider. I will briefly present my program of research on remediation, as well as the results of the first study in which organizational stakeholders across the country were interviewed to explore how conceptualizations of remediation and of those requiring it interact with medical culture to facilitate or hinder addressing this issue.


Dr. Gisèle Bourgeois-Law is Faculty Liaison for the Island Medical Program (IMP). Her role involves facilitating opportunities for clinician teachers in the IMP to engage in educational scholarship, integrating a community of IMP medical education scholars with CHES, and supporting scholars in career goal advancements. After graduating from the University of Manitoba, Gisèle obtained her CCFP followed by her FRCSC in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Her practice career was spent as a community-based obstetrician with a strong interest in teaching. Gisèle served for 10 years as the Director of Clinician Assessment Programs at the University of Manitoba, where she was responsible for the assessment and remediation of physicians in difficulty identified by various regulatory authorities. That program evolved over the years to include the assessment of both generalist and specialist IMGs for entry into practice

Gisèle joined UBC as Associate Dean Professional Development in 2008, a position she held until 2014. She is currently working on her PhD in Health Professions Education through Maastricht University with Glenn Regehr and Pim Teunissen as her supervisors.


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