CAME Webinar: Emerging from Chaos: Growing a Program of Education Research and Innovation from Clinical Inspiration

Presenter: Dr. Teresa Chan
Assistant Professor, McMaster University
Program Director, Clinician Educator Diploma
Competency Committee Director, the Royal College Emergency Medicine Residency

Date: Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Time: 12:00 – 1:00PM Presentation (includes 10 – 15 minute Q&A)


UBC Point Grey Campus, Life Sciences Centre
Room 1312 CMR – 2350 Health Sciences Mall


Diamond Health Care Centre (DHCC)
Room 4115 – 2775 Laurel Street, Vancouver

Note: This session is being streamed to the host venues listed above, and therefore requires attendance on-site, or at a regional site (UNBC, Vancouver Island & Kelowna) as requested.


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Dr. Teresa Chan is an assistant professor at McMaster University. Locally, she is the Program Director of the Clinician Educator Diploma program. She is also the Continuing Professional Development Director for their Division locally, and Competency Committee Director for the Royal College Emergency Medicine residency program. She serves on the editorial boards of four journals including: AEM Education & Training, Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine, the Journal of Education and Training in Emergency Medicine (JETem), Perspectives on Medical Education, and BMJ’s Journal of Simulation and Technology-Enhanced Learning.

Dr. Chan completed her medical school at Western University, and then completed her residency in the RCPSC emergency medicine training at McMaster University. Most recently, she completed a Masters of Health Profession Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Her programs of research include two main areas: 1) contextualized clinical decision making; 2) improving knowledge translation using education theory and innovation.


While clinical decision making studies have inextricably changed the way we view physician cognition, much work has yet to be done to understand how people think when faced with real world challenges. Dr. Teresa Chan will discuss her most recent work on contextualized decision-making where she examined how trainees and attending physicians teach and learn within busy multi-patient environments. Emerging from her own personal experiences, she will also share insights on how her unique perspective as a clinician has served her as both a researcher and innovator. Finally, she describe her efforts to translate and disseminate this work to others – including latest innovation endeavours to create a serious board game (GridlockED) to help disseminate her own work, but also to launch a new platform for furthering new explorations of how teams deal with multi-patient environments.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this session, attendees will be able to:
1) describe the advantages of working clinically whilst engaging in research & scholarship;
2) link opportunities for new platforms to translate one’s work;