Visiting Scholar

 Marina Tourlakis<

Marina Tourlakis, PhD

Professor – Life Sciences
Quest University Canada

Dates of Visit: December 12 – 13, 2016

Purpose of Visit

Dr. Tourlakis will be visiting CHES to explore collaborations and connections between members of CHES and members of the faculty at Quest University.


Marina Tourlakis is a molecular geneticist with two primary areas of interest: genetic determinants of disease, and science education. Her MSc (Biology, York University) research investigated the regulation of a protein that confers resistance to viral attack in the American pokeweed plant by incapacitating ribosomes. Her PhD (Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto) research investigated human diseases caused by mutations that impact the ribosome, specifically focusing on Shwachman-Diamond syndrome with Dr. Rommens’ team at The Hospital for Sick Children.

Marina completed a Teaching Fellowship at Quest University Canada (Squamish) prior to joining the Life Sciences Division Faculty in August 2016. At Quest, Marina teaches introductory biology as well as advanced courses focusing on plant and
human genetics.

Her pedagogy explores how plant-based curricula can improve engagement in STEM, how to effectively train individuals in informatics and biology and how to communicate genetics in a thorough and accessible manner to stakeholders.