Presenters Schedule

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Date Speaker Topic/Title
September 3, 2019 Glenn Regehr & Sue Murphy “She said…He said”: Negotiating Scholarly Collaborations When we have Different Ways of Knowing
October 1, 2019 Carolyn Canfield, Cary Cuncic & Cheryl Holmes How does Patient Inclusion in Medical Learning Environments shift the Patient, Learner and Attending Experience?
November 5, 2019 Ian Scott & Deb Butler Should We Really Abandon Self-Assessment? The Importance of Self-Assessment from a “Self-Regulated Learning” Point of View
December 3, 2019 Brett Schrewe
& Sarah de Leeuw
What’s in a Word: Exploring the Multiple Meanings of Humanism in Contemporary Healthcare and Health Professions Education
January 7, 2020 Paul Rea & Claudia Krebs Integration of Emerging Media and Visualization Tools into Medical Education
February 4, 2020 Jennifer Tam & Anneke van Enk Entrustment Scales and Competency Committees: Rethinking Legitimate Data and Sound Procedures for Assessment Decisions
March 3, 2020 Andrea Gingerich, Kathleen Dalinghaus, Tia Renouf & Margo Wilson What Happens When We Think of Rural as Something More Than a Poorly Populated Urban Centre?
April 7, 2020 Cancelled
May 5, 2020 Cancelled
June 2, 2020 Cancelled