Research Rounds Evaluation

Please provide us your feedback, which will help us to plan future CME/CPD events.
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  • PART 1: Learning & Application of Knowledge

  • Participants will:
    a. Identify and challenge current thinking in health education research.
    b. Relate concepts explored to practice for the purposes of improving education practices and informing educational innovations.
    c. Relate concepts explored to their own scholarship.

  • (i.e. lack of familiarity with recent findings, disagreement with new recommendations, difficulty in recalling proposed intervention when needed, process-related barriers within health care system, etc.)
  • PART 2: Program

  • a. FORMAT: Lectures, discussions, audience size, etc.
  • b. CONTENT: Relevance to my job
  • c. CONTENT: Compatibility with my expectations
  • d. INTERACTIVITY: Adequate opportunities for interaction
    If no, please explain:
  • If yes, please explain:
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