Visiting Scholar

Samia Khan

Samia Khan, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy,
Faculty of Education, The University of British Columbia
Faculty Associate, Media Graphics Interdisciplinary Centre
Faculty Associate, Institute for Resources, Environment, and

Dates of Visit: March 2, 2017

Purpose of Visit

During this visit to CHES, Samia will explore potential areas of mutual interest and collaboration within the CHES community. Her research interests include: the sciences, learner issues and stem education, models and inquiry, educational technology design, curriculum development and implementation, and knowledge mobilization within local and virtual practitioner communities.


Dr. Khan charts methods to teach and learn and explores the unique role of emergent digital technologies. She teaches university courses on educational technologies, science education, and case study research and cross-case analysis. Dr. Khan has also been at the forefront of a fully online graduate program on educational technology since 2002.

Dr. Khan is a recipient of the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Technology and the National New Scholarship Award from the Canadian Society for the Study in Education. Her research has been published widely in Technology Instruction Cognition and Learning; Computers and Education; Educational Technology Research and Development; Science Education, International Journal of Science Education, and was most recently cited among the top research that has shaped the field of technology and teacher education.

Dr. Khan’s program of research has been driven by questions on how do people learn challenging concepts in science, and how can we teach these concepts best? She also has conducted numerous studies in science education on integrating digital technologies such as computer simulations into teaching. Dr. Khan actively works with communities, inside schools, and jointly with practitioners on constructing curricula. She has further collaboratively designed computer simulations and a database to locate case studies and perform cross-case analysis. Dr. Khan is also currently conducting research on how practitioner knowledge is being mobilized in a networked society, in a study called, “I learned that online.”