Visiting Scholar

Debbie Jaarsma

Debbie Jaarsma, DVM, PhD

Professor of Medical Education
Director, Department for Education Development & Innovation
Faculty of Medicine, University of Groningen

Dates of Visit: July 15 – 17, 2019

Purpose of Visit

During this visit to CHES, Debbie will be meeting with educators and researchers within the CHES community. She aims to refine her research interests and move from being a generalist to more specific topics to advance her research group in Groningen.


Dr. Debbie Jaarsma (1973) was trained as a veterinarian at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. After her undergraduate training, she worked as a resident in veterinary pathology and as a teacher at the University of Applied Sciences, Department of Animal Health and Care and at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. She continued her academic career as a PhD student, which resulted in a PhD dissertation in 2008 entitled Developments in Veterinary Medical Education: Intentions, Perceptions, Learning processes and Outcomes at Utrecht University.

In 2014, Dr. Jaarsma became a Professor of Medical Education at the University of Groningen’s Faculty of Medicine. Here she leads the multidisciplinary research group called LEARN which is focused on health professions education research (9 Principal Investigators, 7 senior researchers, 40 PhD/doctoral students). She is also director of the department for Education Development & Innovation.

Dr. Jaarsma has published in various international peer-reviewed journals, including Medical Education, Medical Teacher, Advances in Health Science Education and Journal of Veterinary Medical Education. Currently she supervises 20 PhD students, mostly in the domain of medical education. Dr. Jaarsma is a reviewer for several scientific journals and a member of the editorial board of Medical Teacher and Perspectives on Medical Education.