Visiting Scholar

Dr. Anique de Bruien

Dr. Anique de Bruin

Researcher, Department of Educational Development and Research,
Maastricht University

Dates of Visit: April 7 – July 17, 2015

Purpose of Visit

During her visit, Dr. Bruin looks forward to getting to know CHES faculty and staff and their interests. She would like to exchange ideas and build insights with regard to improving monitoring and regulation of learning and professional performance, with the goal to write a research grant proposal to be submitted in the fall to the Dutch Science Foundation.

As faculty of the joint Master of Health Professions Education (MHPE), she is also very open to talking to anyone doing or considering doing the MHPE.


Dr. Anique de Bruin is an associate professor in Educational Psychology at the School of Health Professions Education (Maastricht University, the Netherlands). She obtained her PhD in 2006 at Erasmus University Rotterdam (promotor: Prof. Henk Schmidt) and moved to Maastricht University in 2009. Her research is focused around two central themes: metacognition (more specifically, monitoring and self-regulated learning) and clinical reasoning, ideally combining the two. In general, she is fascinated by the question how we can improve learners’ and professionals’ expertise and their ability to self-monitor and regulate their learning and expertise development. Recently, she started a new line of research on improving students’ learning strategies inspired by the observation that higher education across the world is generally little occupied with this crucial element of the learning environment. In her research, she combines diverse methods as behavioral experiments, eye tracking, fMRI analysis, and focus group interviews to triangulate findings.