CHES Visitors in April 2020

The Canadian Conference on Medical Education will be hosted in Vancouver on April 18-21, 2020. If you are planning to visit CHES either before or after the conference, we would be pleased to welcome you into the CHES space and to help connect you with CHES members during this time.

As we do anticipate a high volume of requests for CHES visits in April 2020 however, our ability to offer a dedicated work space for individual visitors will be somewhat limited relative to our normal circumstances. If you let us know as soon as possible the specific dates you wish to be in the space we will do our best to accommodate everyone.

Given the number of visitors expected during this time, we are also not able to centrally arrange individualized meetings for each visitor as we normally would. We encourage you to contact those in our community you might wish to meet with directly, and to do so early on to maximize the likelihood they can schedule you into their calendars. Click here for listings of our CHES Faculty, Scholars, and Fellows.

Please note that many of our CHES Scientists, Scholars, and Fellows will be preparing for CCME in the week before the conference and a number of our members will be participating in pre-conference workshops and meetings. Thus there may be greater availability to meet with these individuals after CCME than before. However, we are happy to help accommodate you on either side of the event.

Again, we look forward to welcoming you into the CHES space around the time of CCME. To arrange a desk space, please contact Clemmie Cheung as soon as possible to advise her of your anticipated dates. Please contact the various individuals you would like to meet with directly.