CHES Membership

CHES Day 2012

Membership in CHES is open to all faculty, fellows, residents, staff, and students at UBC. Individuals without a UBC appointment are also eligible for affiliated CHES membership. Membership requests are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Members’ Resources                       Apply For Membership                       

Advantages for CHES members

  • More formal association with a community of practice
  • Greater opportunities to network and form research teams
  • Access to exclusive area of CHES website which includes
    a repository of successful grants, ethics applications,
    other templates, and recordings of CHES Research Rounds
  • Opportunities for peer review
  • Members will provide an annually updated CV
  • Members agree to have their name and affiliation
    disseminated publicly
  • Members agree to have their nameaffiliation, email address, and research interests made available to
    other CHES members
  • Members agree to report their successful health professions
    education research grants, abstracts, publications and provide copies for the CHES library/online resource area

Membership application process

  1. Complete an online membership form here. Attach an updated CV.
  2. You will receive an acknowledgement letter once your application is reviewed. This process will take approximately 1-2 weeks.
  3. Once granted a membership, you will receive a protected password
    in order to access the members’ area.