Brett Schrewe

Cynthia Min
Brett Schrewe
PhD Student

Professionally, Brett lives at the intersection of his life as a consultant pediatrician and as a qualitative researcher. For the former, he obtained his MDCM from McGill University and completed his pediatrics residency at both McGill and UBC. He now holds a clinical assistant professorship in UBC Pediatrics and works clinically in Surrey (BC), Thompson (MB) and Iqaluit (NU). For the latter, he completed a clinical educator fellowship through CHES in 2012, an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies through UBC in 2013 and is currently a 2017 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholar and doctoral student in the UBC Department of Educational Studies.

Brett’s academic and research interests are primarily driven by his interest in language: where it comes from, what it lets us do, what it makes possible and what it forecloses. As a result, he has used historical and discursive perspectives to explore topics such as the construction of professional identity through talk, the origins and endurance of the Flexner report as a foundation text for modern medical education and the history of the clinical teaching unit at a time when distributed medical education and the importance of contextual competence are beginning to take flight. His current research is interested in exploring a disposition of physician as medical citizen, in which he is looking to turn the CanMEDS flower inside out, philosophically shifting the centre of physician training away from medical expert towards an identity in which medical expertise is used in the service of social accountability and health equity.

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