Joanna Bates Trainee Travel Fund

As CHES’ founding Director, Dr. Joanna Bates worked tirelessly to build a robust unit that demonstrates exceptional achievement, strong collegial engagement, and mentorship dedicated to supporting individuals seeking a career in health education scholarship. We have all been profoundly impacted by Dr. Bates’ passion and commitment to this vision.

In honour of Dr. Bates’ significant contributions, we invite you to support our Clinical Educator Fellows from the past, present, and future to gain valuable opportunities to present their educational research and innovations, through the Joanna Bates Trainee Travel Fund.

Our goal is to build upon the immeasurable impact that Dr. Bates has had on all of us, through her efforts to build a community of scholarship at UBC. Your support will ensure that Dr. Bates’ passion for CHES will continue to be felt for generations to come.

Reflecting on Dr. Bates’ impact, Dr. Kevin Eva shared: “Everyone close to CHES knows that Joanna was a leader, a mentor, and a role model throughout her career with few individuals having had comparable depth and breadth of impact in their academic roles. CHES would not exist without her vision and energy, but even if it did, CHES would not be what it is without her heart and soul. I’m personally forever grateful for the positive and powerful influence she played in my career and in making CHES such a stimulating and fun place to work.”

bates travel fund

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