Educational Responsibilities for Successful MD Applicants

Successful MD applicants are required to provide 300 formal contact hours to the MD undergraduate (75% of time) and postgraduate (25% of time) programs, drawn from the following categories:

    • Teaching experiences intended to expand the horizons of teaching beyond the usual resident experience of clinical teaching and supervision of core clerkship students within one discipline. The teaching commitment may include, for example, the CBL Block; clinical skills teaching Years 1 & 2; academic half-day teaching in Year 3; teaching in new clerkship models including preceptor-based and integrated clerkship models in sites outside Vancouver.
    • Administration of curriculum and the development of OSCEs and other assessment material. This may include, for example, the development of written exam materials; the development of OSCE stations; assistance in the administration of exams; or the development and administration of mini CEX assessment.
    • Preparation of orientation materials; organization of academic events such as lectures; participation as a week chair or block chair in the undergraduate curriculum.
    • Informal student support, for example:
    • Mentoring
    • Working with borderline students
    • Assisting with remedial students
    • Participation in other educationally relevant activates with guidance from the MD Undergraduate Program through the Director of the Clinical Educator Fellowship Program, for example:
    • Curriculum renewal
    • Faculty development delivery
    • Curriculum development