Call for Research Proposals

CHES is pleased to offer the following funding opportunities in support of research and innovation related to health professions education scholarship.

For questions, please contact the CHES Research Assistant, Tasnia Khan

Distributed Medical Education (DME)
Call for Research Proposals


This call for proposals announces the availability of funding to support projects that will promote further development of research in distributed medical education (DME) at The University of British Columbia (UBC). The Faculty of Medicine wants to extend and demonstrate its role as an expert in DME by bringing together researchers and/or practitioners to examine and disseminate our experiences and knowledge through peer reviewed publication.


Areas of research can focus on undergraduate or postgraduate medical education, interprofessional education or CPD. Examples of eligible topics include curriculum (formal, informal, and hidden), student affairs, admissions, learning environment, faculty experience, longitudinal integrated clerkships. Funding is not intended to support program development, program evaluation, or program delivery, but should enable research that will raise the profile of DME at UBC.


Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Clear description of the targets/outcomes and indication of how they will be achieved.
  • Evaluation of the root cause of any outcomes observed (i.e., preference will be given to proposals that seek to understand why observations arose as opposed to those that are purely descriptive).
  • Evidence that the team includes the necessary expertise in Health Professional Education research
  • Evidence that the research project is linked to a question of interest to the international DME community.
  • The strength of collaboration between DME sites
  • Clarity as to the aims and objectives of the work.
  • Coherence between the aims, objectives, and the methods used.
  • Evidence of feasibility, including sample size, where appropriate.
  • Inclusion of a budget justification that illustrates how the available funding will be put to optimal use in support of project completion within a specified timeline.


Projects will be expected to be completed in 12 months following release of funds.


A total of four (4) awards, valued at $10,000 each will be provided in support of DME projects. PIs must hold a Faculty appointment or be a registered student or resident in the UBC Faculty of Medicine. Affiliate faculty at regional sites or at affiliate organizations are also eligible. It is expected that one (1) project will be chosen from each distributed site (defined by the location of the PI).

  • Seventy five per cent of the funding will be disbursed upon proof that ethics approval has been received with the remaining 25% provided on receipt of a study completion report.
  • Funds must be spent and the project completed within 12 months of receipt of funds.
  • A final report on the study itself and on the use of the funding will be required within 6 months of study completion.
  • A publication and/or presentation of the study at a national meeting is required.

All expenses must comply with UBC Faculty of Medicine policy.


Applications should be a maximum of 6 pages with a minimum 11-point font and 1.5 line spacing including references. Relevant content includes:

  • Name and title of principal investigator and co-investigator(s)
  • Problem statement (research questions and rationale)
  • Review of literature
  • Research design and methods (participants, material, data collection procedures, data analysis)
  • Feasibility
  • Ethics review
  • Implications of findings
  • Project schedule
  • Team description with indication of role in project
  • Budget and defense of budget (if additional funds have been sought for the same study, either in-kind or from another granting institution, it must be clearly indicated with appropriate rationale provided)
  • Track record of publications and/or presentations
  • References
  • In addition to the 6 page proposal, a one page CV for each applicant outlining relevant educational and research experience and expertise should be included.


All applications will be reviewed by a selection committee appointed by the Centre for Health Education Scholarship (CHES).


Applications may be submitted in either Word or PDF format, and are due to the CHES Research Assistant (
by May 1, 2016 at midnight PDT