Dr. Ravi Sidhu

Dr. Ravi Sidhu
Dr. Ravi Sidhu

Dr. Ravi Sidhu joined the University of British Columbia (UBC) in 2004 after completing his surgical training, an MEd degree, and a two-year education research fellowship at the University of Toronto. He currently holds the position of assistant dean, Postgraduate Medical Education at UBC.

Dr. Sidhu’s clinical practice in vascular surgery is based at St. Paul’s Hospital. His academic and administrative duties have included many different spheres of education and scholarship.

Dr. Sidhu is currently the chair of the Grant Review Committee for the Association for Surgical Education. In the past he has served as the Surgical Foundations and Vascular Surgery Program director at UBC, the director of Postgraduate Education for the Department of Surgery, the chair of the Education Committee for the Canadian Society for Vascular Surgery, and the chair of the Research Committee of the Association for Surgical Education.

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